Beauty and The Beast Movie Review

I went to see Beauty and The Beast last Wednesday with my friend. I can say that it was just as good as I was hoping it to be.

The live action Beauty and The Beast lived up to the expectation. It is the same story as the animated film with a few minor changes to it. I won’t spoil anything. It was nice to see the enchanted objects, such as chip, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Lumiere. They look similar to the ones in the animated version, just fancier looking versions. The costumes were quite lovely, especially Belle’s dresses. They were very pretty. I enjoyed watching the relationships form between the characters. Belle’s initial reaction to echanted object was shock, but ultimately she cares for them and wants to help them. Belle’s relationship with her dad was a special one, they loved each other very much. She shows it when she willing promises to live with the Beast, if only her father gets to leave and return home safely. Her father wants what’s best for her and her to be happy. He immediately turns down Gaston from marrying his daughter. I liked how Belle and Beast interacted with each, dislike that grew into a friendship, then turned to love. They are both misfits. Belle doesn’t fit in in her village and Beast is cursed in his castle. In the live action you get to delve more into Beast’s backstory and character. Even though he is mean at times and without hope because of the curse, you feel for him because he’s lonely. Gaston was so cruel, while I hated him I found that he and Lefou were quite funny. At the end Lefou has redeemed himself. The music in this movie has the original songs, including some new ones like evermore, and how does a moment last forever.

The verdict

I loved this film and would rate it  5/5 📔 Storybooks.

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