Things I should Have Known review


Things I should have known by Claire Lazebnik is the fifth book I gave a five star rating this year. This book is about high school student Chloe and her autistic sister, Ivy. Chloe wants to set her up with Ethan, a student in Ivy’s class, who just happens to be the brother of Chloe’s nemesis, David.

The bond between Chloe and Ivy was strong, Chloe loves her older sister and is very supportive. She means well by trying to find a friend for her, even though Ivy is not on board. Chloe and David, bond when Ethan and Ivy are together. The book really shows the struggles of daily life, when you have a sibling with autism, it was a realistic potrayal. Chloe and David slowly become friends, because they share a mutual understanding of each other’s lives.

At the same time I found there were aspects that were a bit frustrating. We get to see people who are being rude to Ivy and Ethan for being autistic, they make rude comments about them being loud and a danger to others. Ethan’s stepmom isn’t very understanding, she is always occupied and obsessing over the safety of her baby. It truly upset me the way others are treated because of their differences

At the beginning of the book I didn’t like Chloe and Ivy’s stepdad Ron. He was a health nut, quite frankly a bit of an ass who seemed to think that his way was the best way. Ron was always picking on Ivy for eating too much junk food and watching too much television. by the end I did begin to like his character.  He can be tough on the girls sometimes but he does truly deeply care for them, and only wants what’s best for them.


5/5📔 Storybooks





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