Bookish Pet Peeves

Today I thought it would be fun to discuss some pet peeves I have with books and plot points.  I don’t mean to offend authors who use these tropes or readers that enjoy them. 

1. Love triangles

I know that this is a fairly common hated trope of most book bloggers and booktubers. For the most part in YA fiction, the love triangle is between the main character, who is usually a girl and two boys. One is the typical bad boy and the other is the  good guy, who is absolutely perfect in the eyes of the main character. I am not a fan of this trope, because adding a side plot of angst and drama takes away from the main plot of the adventure.

2. Bitchy mean girl

This one is over used completely, the only time this trope isn’t used is in YA fantasy. I don’t think this is very realistic in terms of real life. This is a digital age where bullying is more prominent through social media, I understand that bullying is important topic in YA for teens to learn about. It seems that in every YA contemporary there is a bitchy mean girl. I am tired of seeing this trope in every single book I read. a few titles that come to mind with this trope are:

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, Splintered by A.G. Howard, and Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

I am in no way bashing these books or authors, I do love all these series mentioned.

3. AP classes/extremely smart students

I don’t know if this one bothers anybody else? This is another commonly over used trope, I don’t know if it’s because authors have a cookie cutter idea for their characters. I mean that in the way lIke for example, how characters are always described as petite, skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes. Well I find that book characters always have similar skills and attributes. Just like the bitchy mean girl trope, It seems like every YA character, whether they are male or female is extremely smart and in AP/honour classes. I am in no way saying that being smart is a bad thing, or insulting people for being smart. I just don’t see this as being realistic, I want to read books about teens who struggle with certain subjects or are more athletic  and better with their extracurricular activities. It’s ok to not be good in every single subject, nobody is perfect. I feel that this would be a better representation of teens.

Do you agree any tropes discussed? I would like to hear your opinions, why you agree/disagree in the comments!




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